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Creating a world of readers and thinkers

The Great Books Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization. We create and publish the Junior Great Books® program, and we produce books and initiatives that support lifelong learning. Through inquiry, reading, and discussion, we inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life to become more knowledgeable, reflective, and engaged citizens. Please join us in creating a world of readers and thinkers.

Through our community outreach programs we encourage people to become reflective and well-informed citizens by reading about and discussing issues that impact each of us and the world we share.


Talk About It! Helping Students Think and Write about Nonfiction Texts

When your students read informational texts, do they have trouble forming clear arguments or opinions about what they read? Does their writing seem mechanical?

If you answered yes, consider making time for students to discuss what they read before they write. Research shows that this age-old instructional tool boosts students’ reading comprehension, as well as their thinking and reasoning skills.

The Power of Dialogue
Conversation is a natural extension of reading. Think about what happens when you talk about something you’ve read; as you share what you read about and express your thoughts on it, you begin to understand the text more deeply and to refine your opinions.

Researchers have consistently found that discussion-based classrooms support and promote student learning. Students who regularly talk about their ideas show improved reasoning, inferential
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Coming Soon! Her Own Accord

adu-hoa3We’re always excited and proud to announce a new title, but we’re exuberant about our forthcoming anthology Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community. Gender, and the tremendous impact it has on people’s lives, is finally part of the national dialogue, and we’re thrilled to add the voices of 27 women writers to the conversations. The selections—including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short stories, memoirs, and journalistic works—explore the experiences, challenges, and achievements of women from a contemporary point of view. Together, these selections and their accompanying discussion questions allow readers to explore how gender informs every aspect of a woman’s life—identity, family, relationships, work, and politics.
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Support Studs!

We don’t often endorse Kickstarter campaigns, but this one deserves a shout out. The Studs Terkel Radio Archive needs your help. This unparalleled collection of radio programs left behind by Studs Terkel (5,600 tapes made between 1952 and 1997 at Chicago’s WFMT Radio Network) is a veritable who’s who of 20th-century culture and a predecessor of today’s podcast revolution. WFMT is in the midst of a pivotal Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 by February 25.

Why do we support this campaign? Because at the core of our work is the belief that stories connect us and help us form communities. Studs shared that belief, and he spent his life giving voice to people’s stories and perspectives. His work should connect and inspire a new generation, and that can only happen if it’s accessible.

For us, the best part is that the goal is not only to make
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What People Are Saying

The Shared Inquiry training was phenomenal!…

--Lynn Tschaplinski K-6 Reading Coordinator Oak Ridge Schools Oak Ridge, TN

This may sound like an exaggeration, but Great Books saved my sanity…. For two years it was the center of my life. Thank you Great Books.

--Virginia Tschanz Westminster, CO

Junior Great Books is making such a difference with our students….

--Dr. Grace A. Reid Principal Bernard Elementary School Washington, D.C.

As a child I went through the Junior Great Books program and really want my children to have the same experience. I feel that this is the best program out there to provide my children with the critical thinking skills they will need to succeed later in life, and I'm excited to be working to bring a Junior Great Books program to their school!

--Parent Volunteer Coordinator Elementary School Illinois




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