The Common Review ceased as a print publication with the Fall/Winter 2011 issue. However, we will be posting a series of ten new articles on this site over the next couple of months, at approximately 1-week intervals. We trust that you will find these articles interesting, provocative, and equal in quality to the high standards set by The Common Review during its ten-year run.



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    En Route
    By Rachel Hadas

    A long trip gives us reason to complain. If only it—no. Set aside impatience. Resign yourself to writing on the train. [more]

    January 07, 2011 | 4 comment(s) | Share


    The Poetry Lesson
    By Andrei Codrescu

    I turned to pedagogy: “Self-consciousness is a beautiful thing if the self is conscious of its beauty. Need a self so beautiful also be selfconscious? In this matter, cats have it all over us. Not only do they not concern...[more]

    January 04, 2011 | 6 comment(s) | Share


    The Dating Game: Eccentric Madman Edition
    By Rebekah Frumkin

    Bachelor Number One comes to us from Denmark. His royal blood has been angried by an adolescence of sleepless nights and suicide attempts. Ladies, this man has got the three Rs on his mind: reading, writing, and retaliatory...[more]

    August 31, 2010 | 1 comment(s) | Share


    Sign of the Crossover
    By Andrew Benedict-Nelson

    Hollywood has a dilemma. The dominant strategy for making successful films these days is to take a well-known brand and build a movie around it, whether or not it makes any sense. But when it comes to science fiction, many of the...[more]

    April 14, 2010 | 3 comment(s) | Share